How to motivate your business team with ease

The biggest and best companies have a set procedure on how they do things. For some these procedures are boring, but for others, it’s easier to function in a working environment as long as they know what they need to follow. If you are looking into ways to motivate your team to work harder, faster, and with more precision, than you have to strike a balance between the procedures and outside the box thinking.

Before we go into the details, remember that a happy team is good for business.

Give your key players space to think

Many people get hired to do a particular job, and when they start working the upper management tries to micro manage them. While this might be good to teach the newcomer how stuff works in the company, it can also be extremely bad as it chokes innovation and creates a stagnating feeling in the company. If everyone walks on the same line than they are no better than robots.

While this is important for most of the workforce, you have to give your key players some space to do the things on their own. Formulate questions and try to guide them to the answer you want to hear, that way they won’t feel like they are micro managed but like they learned something new. This way you will have your key players constantly trying to impress you and innovate on things as they are not used to just obeying orders.

Teach them to respect and share your goals

Working with a big team makes it hard to keep everyone on track. That is unless you share your goals and make them accept your goal as their own. If you can transfer your desires and energy to your crew soon, they will work as hard as you to achieve your goal. Everyone wants to give their 100% if they are on the same page, and the easiest way to do that is to create weekly or monthly meetings and ask everyone how can they contribute to the goal this month.